Thursday, 24 September 2009

Man's search for meaning

So tonight I cooked for my family as I love to do. Wet polenta with savoy cabbage, crispy sausage crumbs, fresh peas, parmesan and fine olive oil. Served on our chipped everyday white plates with a bottle of crozes hermitage (it is Thursday already!) Greeted and eated with much applause from the missus - she loves her carbs that girl. Alas, the herberts ate the crumbled cheese and scattered scrumptious sausagey bits only to evacuate the table at lightspeed as they discovered the cabbage green tinged polenta. Nevermind.

I watched Ed Wardle in Alone in the Wild; lit a fire and then had the idea of starting a food and living blog thing (I believe good things happen when I work hard and do stuff with meaning and passion.) So I sent a text to my mate who knows about that sort of thing and hey pesto (couldn't resist sorry) here I am. Thank you for stopping by to browse my scribblings, I shall endeavour to entertain you with tales of wine drenched nights of unrestrained gastronomy, daily musings and will of course thrust upon you many a recipe from my ill spent youth 'inside' (a kitchen that is! I could have called it 'a life behind jars' geddit?!)

Ahem, time to go probably.

Until next time my fellow gastronauts, as the great Keith Floyd used to say. RIP my man.

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  1. I agree, absolutely yummy dessert! can you teach me to make it again please! xx